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At Hoek Modular Homes we pride ourselves on building quality homes to suit
our customer’s needs. We really listen to what the perfect home means for
“you”. Building a home requires a lot of discussion and planning, but what
really goes into building a home? Find out here.

1. What are you looking for in a home?

When someone enquires about a home the first thing we want to do is have a chat with you, either over the phone or in person, to find out what you are looking for in your ideal home. We listen. We want to know as much as we can about your home plans and dreams to try and meet these to the best of our ability.

Hoek Modular Homes Home Builders Dream Home

Some of the things we want to know are:

  • What kind of property do you own and/or what kind of home are you looking for?
  • What do you want the home to include? (1-2 bedrooms, double entry bathroom, deck, etc.)
  • Do you require ailment access, such as wheel chair access?
  • What are the site conditions for where the home is to be placed? (Does it have a lot of trees surrounding, on a hill, suburban, etc.?)
  • What custom designed fixtures would you love to have in your home? (Wood floors, larger kitchen, timber blinds, etc.)

If you are able, you can arrange a time and day to come and take a look around Hoek Modular Homes. We will show you the home building process, provide you with an information pack and answer any questions you may have.

*When attending a meeting on site, so we are able to show you around the facility, be sure to wear closed in shoes, for health and safety purposes.


2. Budget

A budget is important. We understand everyone is limited by what they can afford. Hoek Modular Homes aims to work within your wants and needs. With financing options available, we try our best to build the home you need without putting strain on your pocket. We’ll discuss what your ideal budget is, including all fees and extras with no nasty surprises.

3. Plans

If possible we like to be able to sit down and go through house and floor plans, features and custom fixtures to help you settle on a home design you REALLY love, otherwise we can discuss this over the phone or via email. You will be able to choose from a variety of custom designs, colours and fixtures such as:

Hoek Modular Homes Home Builders Floor Plans
Hoek Modular Homes Home Builders Bathroom Options


  • Timber
  • Tiles
  • Carpet
  • Vinyl


Roof Options

  • Facades Standard Gable,
  • Dutch Gables
  • Split pitch/ Sawtooth
  • Hip Roof
Hoek Modular Homes Home Builders Floor Options
  • Decks & Patios

  • Gas Oven and Hotplates

  • Air Conditioning (split system)

  • Security Screens or Invisiguard

  • Wheel chair friendly ramps

  • Grab rails in bathrooms



  • Vertical
  • Roman
  • Panel
  • Holland
  • Venetian

* Please note connections to plumbing & power, rainwater tanks & pumps, home sewerage treatment plants, baseboards, DA planning application & fees if required, Q Leave, building & plumbing application fees are not included in quoted price. Conditions apply.


4. Site Inspection

In order to ensure the right house for you, we like to organise a time in which we can view your property on which you want to install your new home, to assess the site.
We check the soil type, often doing an official soil test, take measurements and look for the best possible access points that your home will be brought in through. On the way we will assess a safe possible route on which your home would be transported along, looking out for low bridges or power lines, busy areas (requiring traffic control), trees that may need to be removed for truck access, etc. This step helps us accurately design your plans and cost outline to ensure there are no hidden fees or costs not accounted for.

5. Formal Quote and Plan

Once we have an understanding of your ideal home, chosen house design, floor plans, custom extras/fixtures and required details, we can then formulate an overall plan and quote including all costs and fees. A payment plan and contract is organised and signed. Promptly after approval and initial payment is received, the building process and planning can begin!

6. Approvals

Before construction work can begin, council and building approval needs to be attained but don’t worry we’ll take care of that for you.

7. Construction

When approvals are received and given the “all clear”, we can begin construction! The process can take between 8-10 weeks depending on the home design you’ve chosen. At any time, you are able to make an appointment to come in and take a look at you home as it is being built. We take photos of the process, which you will be presented with on a disc at the end of construction, so you can treasure your home from start to finish.

Hoek Modular Homes Home Builders Construction

8. Transportation & Handing Over

Finally your home is transported and installed at its destination. Final payment is received, keys and relevant paperwork/documentation is handed over. Welcome and congratulations on your new home!

Hoek Modular Homes Home Builders Transportable Homes
Hoek Modular Homes Home Builders House Keys

Check out some of our home building videos at Hoek Modular Homes Youtube Channel.

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